Checklist: How to Sell Probate Property

Don’t let an inherited property feel like a burden. Learn what you need to do to sell it and make sure you and your family earn a fair price. No matter the circumstances, selling a house is an incredibly complex and time-consuming undertaking. However, inherited...

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What to do if you Inherit a Home with Tenants

If you inherit a home where other people live, you have several options to ensure everyone’s housing needs get met. One of the most challenging situations that may happen is inheriting a property with tenants. You may not want to serve as a landlord and prefer to sell...

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How Does the Probate Process Work in Georgia?

Georgia Probate Resource exists specifically to address any questions you may have about the probate process in the state. Losing a loved one is already difficult. You don’t need to add the stress and strain of trying to piece together the legal details on top of your grief. We hope this website will provide you with the information you need for the closure you deserve.

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Making Time to Grieve as an Executor

Georgia Probate Resources exists to guide you through the probate process. We hope our advice will ease some of the stress and strain that often comes with the paperwork and court visits so you can focus on yourself and your needs for a while. You are not alone.

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Can I Skip Probate in Georgia?

Avoiding Probate in Georgia The grief from losing a loved one can be a lot to bear. Aside from grieving, you might have to take on the responsibility of managing their estate if you are a close relative. Everything from determining what to do with belongings to...

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